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Kuna Pereraadio töötab peamiselt annetuste varal, siis on teil kõikidel võimalik meid oma toetusega aidata.
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Tehnika 115, Tallinnas või        Riia 22a-2, Tartus

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The Ambassador of USA visited Pereraadio in Tallinn

The 15th of December 2010 was an interesting day for the people who work in the place called Media- and Mission house, here in Tallinn, where also Pereraadio
is located. Ambassador of USA in Estonia Mr. Michael C. Polt visited Pereraadio together with Political Officer Johnathan A. Hilton and Protocol Assistant-Translator
Laine Lembavere. They were accompanied by representants of Estonian Council of Churces.

The Ambassador showed up big amuzement when he was told that most of the program at Pereraadio is produced by volunteers – priests, chaplans, church
members with different kind of interests and education, as well as people with different religious background. It became clear that programs are very various with
different kind of focus. Some are focused on society from Christian valuesystem prespective, some on experiences with God in peoples lives, there are Bible-study programs and book-reading, also a lot of music and spiritual thoughts as well as morning programs. Also there are sermons from different congregations on air every week.

The Ambassador left Pereraadio with many new facts and also with knowledge about Russian speaking program sent from Narva studio, which is heard even in very far places in Russia, also in Germany, Poland, Georgia and other countries.

Pereraadio is an ecumenic organization which is not supported by state or some specific congregation. Faithful listeners or congregations are the main supporters to help Christian message to be spread via radio.

Pereraadio was founded thanks to initiative from the Ambassadors homeland - missionaries from Modesto in USA. Initiative couple was Laurel and Jim Carlson. 1994 was the year they came together with several professional volunteers to establish Christian radio here in Estonia. Since then the program has been on air-
in the beginning with only few hours per day but today 24/7 program in Estonian language. Laurel has passed away in spring 2010, but her memory still lives in Pereraadio.

Meeting with the Ambassador of USA was very sincere and full of hope of meet again.

Janne Kütimaa


Tartu Family Radio on 1035 kHz received in Germany



A new transmitting block was consecrated on the 10th of May in Kavastu near
Tartu. It raises Pereraadio AM transmitter`s power capacity to 200 kW. The growth
of the capacity offers the listeners considerably better possibilities for
the reception of Radio Eli programme on a large area in the European part of
Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and elsewhere. The radio transmitter has been
produced in a well-known German electronic company Trans Radio Sender System
(former Telefunken), the antenna systems are from the company of Kintronic
Labs Inc. The orderer of the additional transmitter is Trans World
Radio(TWR) and it has been installed by the volunteers from the American
mission organization European Christian Radio Project(ECRP).
Initiated by Dr James Carlson and his wife who departed this life in March
2010, there was founded a mission organization ECRP which started in 1999 a
project with Tartu Pereraadio Uhing for Russian Christian radio programme
broadcasting on medium wave. High towers rose in Kavastu near Tartu with
co-operation with the non-profit society Towers for Jesus and its manager
James Hulse. In summer 2001 there was installed a somewhat old but innovated
50kw valve transmitter Harris MW50 donated by Billy Graham Evangelistic
Association(BGEA) and broadcasts in the direction of Russia could be
transmitted since autumn. Thankful listeners`feedback warmed up with every
year. In 2008 the relatively ineffective transmitter was replaced with
contemporary technology and the broadcasts were transmitted now by Trans
Radio 100kw TRAM100.
Warmed up by the feedback of radio listeners, a worldwide mission
organization with dignified history TRW decided to come along with the
medium wave project.The direction was taken towards raising of the capacity
till 200 kW. On behalf of the additional transmitter there were organized
collections and the project was introduced in several countries.

TWR which transmits today broadcasts in 200 languages in 160 countries,
started working in 1954 in Morocco with only 2.5 W transmitter. There will
grow a big plant out of the mustard seed according to the Bible promise. The
Christian radio work affirms this truth.
Pereraadio started its work with only partial broadcasting time and with
only 100W transmitter. Today there are two radioprogrammes of full extent,
one in Estonian and the other in Russia. Pereraadio is audible through
several FM transmitters approximately on 80% of the Estonian territory. In
order to broadcast RadioELI programme towards Russia there is extra capacity
till 200kW. The new transmitter`s testing in its full extent affirmed the
improvement of radio signal quality. The broadcasts can be also heard in
Russian metropolises Moscow and Petersburg. Provisionally the Kavastu
broadcasting station works at the capacity of 125kW but for the
twenty-four-hour full capacity there is still missing necessary electrical

We are thankful to God for the co-operation partners TWR, ECRP, Kintronic
Labs Inc., Towers for Jesus and GIGA AS and keep asking for intercessions
for electrical equipment problems to be solved soon.

The very beginning...


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